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Closing the loop on renewable energy

Propel implements systems that work towards taking traditional and non-sustainable linear energy economies, into full circle loops, minimizing waste, and destructive environmental practices while increasing energy conversion efficiency in a financially sustainable manner.

WASTE Management

As society's numbers and needs have increased over time, sustainability efforts have not kept up. The days of a disposable eocnomies are coming to an end by necessity and Propel is set to become an increasingly big player in waste management. We seek out and source industries that produce "waste" products of little value to their operation, and convert it into high value, high energy content forms such as electricity and drop-in liquid fuels.

If you are a producer of 

  • Woody biomass (Sawdust, chips, shavings, non-merchantable timber)
  • Non food Agricultural products
  • Agricultural residuals
  • Sorted Municipal solid waste

Propel can help turn your waste disposale challenges, into an environmentally friendly revenue stream

Electrical Generation

Propel converts biomass into consistent, high efficiency, base-load electricity in a carbon negative process. Unlike solar and wind electrical generation, Propel's systems run 24/7, 365 and can be additions to base load power systems without the need for backup fossil fuel power.

Drop-In Liquid Fuels

Propel produces ASTM certified diesel, gasoline and jet fuel. Our fuels are chemically identical to petroleum derived fuels, but in a carbon negative process. Our fuels can be used directly out of the facility with no need for blending as is the case with biodiesel, and with a cloud point equal to petro-fuels.

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